EUfleet.com is a GPS tracking system , owned by Computer Force SRL, a Romanian company.

The company was formed in 1994 by Marius Bodea, with extensive experience in IT systems.

In 2010, using our expertise in IT, we have entered the GPS tracking business, and we have successfully developed and adapted our system for EU market, as well as for local market in Romania.
Our satisfied client base is growing continously ever since.

Our advantages are the extensive IT expertise that enabled us to develop and maintain in-house all systems required for a GPS tracking platform, and a relativelly low cost labor of highly qualified IT personell available in our country.

A major advantage is that owning the GPS tracking platform, our software developers can accomodate any special request we may have from our customers.

These advantages are transfered to our clients in the form of high quality services at the most competive fees.

For hardware, we have partenered with Teltonika, which is one of the largest manufacturer of GPS devices in Europe.
The high quality and reliability of their GPS devices enabled us, for example, to update any devices over the air, without having to ever touch a GPS device after it was installed in a car.
All devices are CE certified.

Please contact us for any questions or particular needs you may have related to GPS tracking.
Using our in-house expertise, we can offer you the most competitive solution.